Who Are The Victims In A Car Accident

Car accidents are the leading cause of personal injuries and fatalities in the whole United States.

Every year, about 5 million victims suffered injuries as a result of car accidents.

Those victims are not all drivers, some are just passengers and some are just pedestrians.

Whichever the case is, car accidents affect a lot of people directly or indirectly.

The common victims of car accidents are:


Majority of the victims of injuries and fatalities as a result of car accidents are drivers and motorists.

Car accidents have been the leading cause of deaths for teen drivers in the United States as well.

Although, drivers are the most common victims during car accidents, they are also the leading cause.

Speeding, reckless driving, and driving under the influence are just some car accident causes that can be attributed to driver negligence.


According to the National highway Safety and Traffic Administration (NHTSA), there are about 70,000 passenger deaths attributed to car accidents every year.

Pedestrians make up about 11 percent of all fatalities related to road accidents.

Pedestrian accidents are often caused by:

• Poor visibility

• Drivers not respecting pedestrian’s right of way in crosswalks

• Driver’s not stopping on a red light

• Malfunctioning brakes


According to the law, car accident victims who are just passengers during the incident are automatically free from liability.

The only exception is if the passenger performed an act that would have distracted the driver and caused the collision.

A passenger will be able to collect from either the car accident insurance policy of the driver whose car he/she was riding or from the car accident insurance policy of the other driver.

Whoever is at fault should be liable for the injuries or death of the passenger.

Surviving Family

Car accident victims are not always the people at the scene of the accident.

Thousands of deaths are attributed to car accidents and each person from those thousands have their own families.

The surviving family of the car accident victim has the option to file for wrongful death lawsuits if the death of their loved one was caused by a negligent action by another person.

The damages that will be awarded to the family will depend on the contributions that the victim gave in the past and what he may have given to his/her family in the future if he/she did not die.

Contributions may be financial or services in the household.


Car accident victims do not have to stay victims. They can take action against those who are liable for the car accident.

They can take action against:

• The driver – If the accident was caused by speeding, reckless driving or DUI.

• Car/Parts Manufacturer – If the cause of the car accident is a defect on the car or any of its parts.

• Government – If the cause of the accident is unmaintained roads and facilities.

To help you with your personal injury and wrongful death case, the best move will be to contact an experienced car accident lawyer to guide and represent your case.